Why Choose Us?

1. We are warm, caring professionals.

2. We have a  professional office and waiting room.

3. We researched electrolysis equipment and are confident to say that our equipment will give  you the best treatment and results in the industry. It provides speedy permanent hair removal with minimal irritation and no use of irritating toxic chemicals. Click here to see visual and written proof

4. We use operating room style binocular magnification and  attached light for best sight.

5. We found our single use disposable probes to be superior in comfort and results.

6. We use disposable rubber gloves. The black ones are very effective in helping us see white hair.

7. Our combined experience spans over 37 years. 6. Our prices are the most cost effective of any electrolysis practice.

Let us help you achieve your Hair Free goals!

Feel free to contact us with your questions by phone.

210  454 9840

Sincerely, Maryellen V. Little & Elizabeth Casillas