Visual Diagram

The below information shows visually and explains in words
why we believe and know, our machines will produce
permanent hair removal
in less treatments.

This diagram shows the destruction of the hair follicle using the Elecctrolysis Thermolysis MultiPlex Technique as compared to the minute amount of destruction using standard Plain Thermolysis Electrolysis technique.


Below is an excerpt from an acticle in Actuelle Magazine, 1996 edition. The article explains the premise of some of the techniques we have at our disposal in our epilation machines.

“With previous generations of Aplius computerized epilators, we created several techniques that enhanced both the comfort of our clients and the effectiveness of our treatments. Among these, note the Flashmethod (in hundredths of a second), Microflash in thousandths of a second rapid thermolysis), MultiPlex, (combination of slow thermolysis in seconds and rapid thermolysis in thousands of a second). We combined these techniques with proportional dual pulsing,where one pulse is delivered in the bulb area and the second pulse is delivered in the dermal papilla, the two areas that host germanitive cells responsible for hair growth. In fact we observed excellent results with the dual pulse MultiPlex, which can deliver a very important amount of energy in the targeted lower 2/3′s of the hair follicle. Of course when using a dual pulse technique, it is important to reduce treatment time parameters (time) so a to avoid producing too much energy. Certain devices namely the Aplis Sr. II with iMM-Pac, SX-500…..”