Testimonials Maryellen

“HairFree4Me, has accomplished more in just 3 electrolysis treatments than my last electrologist in SA, accomplished in 3 years. You change lives here.”

Terri B.
San Antonio

Maryellen, an Electrologist with over 30 years experience, holds a Bachelors of Science degree, is a Certified Electrolysis Professional, and is certified in Laser Hair Removal.

Maryellen’s clients enjoy successful treatments because of her accurate treatment style, use of the best tools and equipment, correct choice of settings and hygienic practices.

She has a sincere interest in others, is honest, and energetic with a
professional can do attitude.

Maryellen-crosseyed-segul-150x150Testimonials for Maryellen 

This is the best place I’ve ever been too. Maryellen and Elizabeth are very professional, patient, and friendly. They talk to you throughout your procedure and help you work through the uncomfortableness. They are as flexible as they can be with your time constraints, like being able to move your appointment around if they can. They make you feel like a friend and part of their family. They answer all your questions and help you in any way they can. The results are great. As a darker skinned woman, I knew I could not do laser on my face, due to scarring. This is great, my results are awesome and I am so happy. I recommend HairFree4Me 100%, for anybody who would ever need any facial hair removed. I would never seek anywhere else. I absolutely love these two wonderful ladies. Please give them a try, you will be as happy as I am.

Margie H.
San Antonio, Texas



Maryellen does a great job. Finally I got rid of that annoying little mustache that lasers never did a thing for! She is effective without treating too aggressively. The discomfort was minimal, and the treatment environment was clean, professional and private.

S. B.
San Antonio, Texas


10/10/10My daughter in law takes a lot of time researching things before she decides who hire. She even travels to different cities just to receive the best treatments she can find. She researched electrolysis and then shared with me that HairFree4Me was the best. Both Maryellen and Audrey were exceptional in their knowledge, technique, effectiveness and comfort. I trust her judgment and I’ve now started treatments. We are both very happy at HairFree4Me.

Celia C.
San Antonio, Texas



I have had a significant amount of electrolysis done in Houston. I loved my Electrologist there. She did a wonderful job. However the treatments I have experienced here at Stone Oak Permanent Hair Removal are much less painful. This is much more tolerable.

Michele M.
San Antonio, Texas


May 21,  2009

I went to someone who waxed my eyebrows about 7 years ago and left with the ends of my brows completely waxed off. I hated my brows and grew my bangs to cover them. I thought it was hopeless. I was very scared to let anyone touch my brows again but I finally had Maryellen give me electrolysis treatments on them.  Now they look great and after today’s treatment I am going to get my bangs trimmed so they don’t have to be falling in my eyes covering my brows.  I am very pleased with her treatments. I never thought anyone would be able to fix them. Maryellen is a miracle worker.

Cathy R.
San Antonio, Texas


October 8, 2008

Maryellen is exceptionally kind and does a beautiful job removing whatever hair needs to be removed.  She is thorough and very effective.

I was so tired of plucking. She is great at killing the hairs in the right places.

You would enjoy getting to know her. She is a joy to know.


Janice Atkins
San Antonio, Texas


January 2008

Testimonial for Maryellen

My need for hair removal has changed over the years, and I decided I needed to visit an electrologist again when I experienced facial hair regrowth after having a baby. I did not want to have to shave this area in order to have laser hair removal, and having had electrolysis before I thought this would be the best option.

The treatment I have received from Maryellen has been far superior to that I have had in the past. Maryellen works very quickly and efficiently but at the same time will take a moment to alter the current strength in order to tailor the treatment and remove stubborn hairs. In the past I have known electrologists use a standard current and simply pluck the hair out if it didn’t come out after one or two tries with the current – which completely defeats the purpose of the treatment and makes future removal more difficult.

I have total confidence in Maryellen. She is very knowledgeable about different areas of skincare. I would highly recommend her services, to anybody thinking of getting electrolysis.

Sara D,

San Antonio, Texas



I’ve seen several electrologists over the years and all across the country. Upon moving to San Antonio I found it a challenge to find someone willing to perform electrolysis on my areas in need. Many places pushed for unnecessary laser treatments that would have cost me many times over the cost of electrolysis.

I was unhappy with the first electrologist I went to in San Antonio. I only returned for a few treatments out of desperation, but after repeatedly asking for the heat to be turned down and the resultant scabs and eventual scars (that took many months to fade) I went online to find an alternative.

I came across Maryellen’s website and gave her a call. She is very accommodating, friendly, knowledgeable, and coincidentally hails from back home, Buffalo! The office has a very relaxing atmosphere and the conversation is always pleasant. I find that Maryellen actually enjoys what she does and out of pure interest is an avid reader on electrolysis and many other topics that pertain to skin health. With all the different people I have seen, not once has anyone performed catastasis (sp?) to close the pores after treatment, which is rather enjoyable.

Since going to Maryellen, my frequency of treatment has lessened and each area she has worked on is vastly improved from when we started. This leaves time to work on less important areas like my toes. J

Lynn S

San Antonio, Texas



I feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Maryellen. She has changed my life. Not only with her professional services but with her frienship.

Thank you!

Whatever your future holds may God bless you in your anbitions. It has been a true pleasure knowing you!


San Antonio, Texas



Earlier this year, I decided I was done spending money on quick fixes and decided to go permanent. Naturally, I was a little suspicious and not having done much research into permanent hair removal, not sure where to start. After spending some time learning about electrolysis, I decided to check out some offices around town. I visited with three electrologists and Maryellen was by far my favorite. She not only made me the most comfortable because of her positive attitude and personality, but she also left me well informed about electrolysis. I started with a 10 minute “sample” treatment and here I am, seven months later and still faithfully going in for treatments. I came into Maryellen’s office a skeptic and I am pleased to say that I am a firm believer now. Maryellen always takes the time to make sure her client is comfortable and keeps a close eye on the effect the treatment and products are having on her clients’ skin. After a couple of sample treatments from other electrologists, I can also attest to the fact that Maryellen’s electrolysis machine really does cut down on the “pinch” of the treatment. Her pleasant demeanor and ambiance really make me look forward to my visits with her. If you have ever been curious about electrolysis or wanted to ask questions from someone who’s been in the business for many years, I highly recommend Maryellen.

Jessica G.

San Antonio, Texas

P.S. Jessica began treatments weekly for 1 hour and now comes in for a 30 minute treatment every 3 or 4 months. This will get less and less as time goes on.
P.P.S. Jessica now, does not need any more treatments.



To Whom it May Concern:

Having had a great deal of personal experience in hair removal with electrolysis and laser I would like to say that I was very happy with the treatments I received from Maryellen. She worked on the fine hair on my chin that the laser can not treat. I have received electrolysis treatments from other Electrologists and I consider Maryellen’s treatments much more gentle on my skin even though her treatments were much more effective. She has my vote of confidence.

Carol Paul Williamsville, New York



Dear Perspective Electrolysis Client,
I have had only a couple of electrolysis treatments with Maryellen and am sorry to see her leave Buffalo. In this short time I feel so much better having received these treatments. Her treatment style is very gentle , effective and I would recommend her to anyone. My chin feels smooth now and I feel so much better. I don’t have all those bumps and course hair that I felt before. There is a great decrease in my hair growth already. I wish I knew about Maryellen years ago.

Suzette Ashley
Amherst, New York



I had only known Maryellen Little upon the retirement of my former electrologist. After the first session with Maryellen, I knew I had found someone with whom I was very pleased and hoped to be with for a long time. Maryellen is knowledgeable, professional, and most imporant, has a slow careful and deliberate technique. Although we have not had time to form much of a personal relationship, it is obvious that Maryellen would be someone I would be comfortable with for my care in this personal grooming area.

A Client from Buffalo, NY



To Whomsoever It May Concern:

I was Maryellen’s client for several months before she moved to Texas. I work and live in Buffalo , if Maryellen had not moved I would have never gone to another Electrologist. Maryellen did an excellent job on my upper lip, chin and face.

The first time I met Maryellen, I was very apprehensive about electrolysis having never had it done on me before. I had never seen anyone else who had had it done and was worried about everything…. you name it…I was worried about it…but Maryellen explained step by step what electrolysis involved and took time to answer all my questions.

After one trial session I went straight to hour-long sessions because I would feel so good about myself after Maryellen had worked on my face. I was worried about scaring because I have very sensitive skin; Maryellen was very gentle and took time to make sure I had the best results. She used the best needles, creams that really made a difference. I never had a problem with any scaring or bruising when she did the electrolysis.

Maryellen was also very sensitive to my requirements, distracting me with music and talking to me while she worked on my face to keep my mind on other things. She was quick with her work but at the same time very efficient with the results.