Price Comparison

Please Note These Are Estimates 
Your Individual Results May Vary

Let’s suppose you choose to go to an electrologist who charges $20.00 per a 15 minute treatment and your treatments take 52, 15 minute treatments to complete the permanency. At $20.00 per a 15 minute treatment your total treatment cost would be $1,040.00.

Lets suppose you choose us as your electrologists. With our special discounts we charge $30.00 per a 15 minute treatment. Your treatments with us could most likely take 20, 15 minute treatments to complete the permanency. At $30.00 per 15 minute treatment the cost would total $600.00.

In the long run we are less expensive. If you choose us you will be saving your time, as well as your money.

Want to save even more money? Schedule a 1 hour session and pay only $100.00 per hour.

We want to be sure to express that we believe, there are other good electrologists to choose from. We would like to show here why we believe we are the best.

The treatment times above are based on a client who comes in for one 15 minute treatment 4 times per month, on a regular consistent basis, strictly adhering to our recommendations of treatment time, frequency, and after treatment care. This information is of course variable. We can not control how your own body will respond to the treatments. This is for example purposes only, your treatments may vary.