Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent Cosmetics are a wonderful convenient way to enhance and perfect your natural beauty.

We can shape Eye Brows with or with out hair. We offer manual Micro Blading, not a blade at all just a replica of a mechanical Permanent Cosmetic machine,  3D Hair Strokes and Shaded Powder Brows. Some technicians will tell you Eye Brows are “Sisters not Twins”. Yes there can be minor differences in your brows but regardless of your bone structure we can make them even, classy, complementary and  pretty close to identical. We also do Man Brows! Men have scars or lack of growth after certain medical treatment and even those suffering from alopecia. It would be our please to design and apply a masculine brow to complete and complement your facial fetchers.

More information, pictures, procedure guidelines to come soon. Any current questions now can be forwarded to Audrey @