Natural Skin Care

Audrey and I use only organic products whenever possible. We do not use sunscreen and if we did find a need for it we would make something very similar to the one in this video. I personally don’t like to smell like coconut oil so I would probably use Jojoba oil as a base instead.

The oils suggested in this video are very good for your skin. One of the best things to help you look younger is to use antioxidants on your skin. (The very best thing you can do for your skin is to keep a positive attitude and always view the glass as half full.)

We believe that the sun is good for  you. It provides us with vitamin D. If you find that you are down in the dumps then the sun can lift your spirits. All antioxidants will counteract any damage that you may receive from the UV rays. Apply them to the skin and take them internally as in a juice or fruit. The body must receive the UV rays in order to make vitamin D. Surprising isn’t it?! Here Is The Video.