Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis is Permanent Hair Removal
is Permanent Hair Reduction

Don't EVER Shave Your Face!!!!!

Don’t EVER Shave Your Face!!!!!

Basic Facts – First of all, You Will Have to Shave the area you want removed in order to have a Laser Treatment. Don’t Ever Shave Your Face. The hair will come in stubbly and it will look worse than it is. We have found that facial hair that has been shaven seems to grow back more course and more dense.

Some people have experienced permanent hair reduction, but there is limited data on how long the hair reduction lasts, how much hair reduction is typical, and how often permanent hair reduction occurs. We have spoken to people who have had these treatments. Many of them come to us after their dissatisfaction with their laser treatments. They tell us they do not want to waste any more time with laser.

1. Many of them have had problems with hair that was previously fine growing back very coarse. We believe this could be from stimulating the follicles after shaving. It is common, we have found, in females who had fine dark hair on the sides of their face that the shaving and laser treatment seems to stimulate the hair into a long dark coarse mess.

2. There are some people who are very pleased with their laser procedures. They come for electrolysis, to treat the hair when it gets finer because the laser will not work on that hair.

3. There are also those who ask for advice after having laser treatments between 2 and 5 years ago. They have had much of the hair grow back. However this hair seems to be less.

4. Some tell us after spending a great deal of money on laser they are not satisfied at all. Because the nature of our business is Electrolysis, we doubt we will ever meet those that are very satisfied with the laser so one must realize that our experiences with people who have experienced laser hair reduction can be biased.

Description – Light at a specified wavelength is emitted from a hand piece which is connected to the Laser Hair Removal Machine. This light penetrates the skin, where it targets dark material specifically the hair. This causes thermal and/or mechanical damage to the hair follicles while sparing surrounding lighter color tissues.

Advantages – The laser can treat hundreds of hairs in a very short amount of time.

Some clients have experienced long-lasting hair removal or permanent hair reduction. Considered safe if performed properly. Useful for large areas which you already shave, such as legs, heavy beards, bikini. Re-growth can come back lighter in color or finer in texture. Light-skinned clients with very dark hair have the best results.

Disadvantages -

You will have to wait several months to know if the treatments are working and during that time you will have to shave sometimes daily. In electrolysis the treatments are set up so that once you start the treatments you no longer have to think about temporary hair removal methods and you will quickly see that the hair will be finer and softer.

Gray, Red, Blond and Fine Hair will not respond to the laser.

Re growth can be in patches looking unnatural.

Eyebrows Should Not Be Treated with a laser.

You will have to shave the area for several months while the treatments are in progress.  THERE IS NO SHAVING WITH ELECTROLYSIS!

Our Recommendation – Please note that electrolysis is the only permanent method of hair removal. In the case of areas with very heavy course hair covering a very large area such as a man’s full beard (not a female’s beard) or a man’s back, the laser may have definite advantages over electrolysis.

A follow up with electrolysis for the finer hair which is left will give the client complete and permanent results.

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