How To Use Dr.RayPeat’s 10% Progest-E Oil

If you have decided it is right for you to take Progest-E oil, here are some tips.
Your very first dose should not be more than 15mg.’s (5 drops) and should be taken at night in case you have an anesthetic effect and fall asleep.

How to use Dr.RayPeat’s 10% Progest-E Oil

1. Progesterone is best taken orally, rubbed into the gums; however you may also rub it into the soft thinner areas of the skin, such as the inside of the arm. (When applying it to the skin area, after several applications in the same skin area one should then move the application to a different skin area.) It may also be applied vaginally or anally.

2. Dosage may be anywhere from 3 drops to ¼ teaspoon nightly, or twice as much. If you need relief from mid-day symptoms the dose may be split into morning and night.

3. For the first 10 days a larger loading dose of about ¼ tsp. is recommended.

4. To promote regularity in your cycle apply the progesterone daily for 14 days and stop for 14 days. When you stop applying the oil, your period will begin. If you are not concerned with regularity you can continuously apply the oil and you will not get a period. Some women start applying progesterone on the first day of every month and stop on the 15th of the month. However the most protective way even for men, is to stop its use for 14 days every month.

5. To be sure you are taking the proper amount a 24 hour urine test is the preferred, and believed to be the most accurate method of testing. However it is not necessary to take a urine test if you are symptomatic. It would help you know how much to take.

6. The minimum maintenance dose is 3 drops daily. The more severe your symptoms, the more you will need.

7. Refrigeration will help maintain its freshness longer. However it is easier to measure out the drops when the oil is room temperature.

8. If you choose to apply the Progest-E oil to the skin then, apply a thin layer of organic skin lotion or organic olive oil to the area before applying the oil to help it absorb more quickly

9. There is no known negative, side effect of natural Progesterone oil. However if you take too much you will feel anesthetized. (Synthetic Progesterone oil is not safe.)

10. One (1) drop of Progest –E oil contains about 3 mgs. Progesterone, and 4-22 mgs. plant based vitamin E oil.

*This does not replace advice from your doctor.

HairFree4Me is not recommending or diagnosing that you take Progesterone. We are simply suggesting that you investigate for yourself to see what else may help you. We as patients and consumers need to investigate on our own and make educated decisions, trusting no one except ourselves and our intuition as to what is right for us to take into our bodies.