Hormones and Hair – Grow More Hair on your Head and Less on your Chin

Grow More Hair On Your Head and None On Your Chin

Grow More Hair On Your Head and
None On Your Chin

Much of excess hair growth comes from an imbalance of hormones. Any hormone out of balance can cause undesired symptoms and effects.

The current increase in prescribing hormone replacement therapy, HRT has caused an increase in excess facial and body hair. Be aware, an imbalance of any hormone such as testosterone or estrogen will create facial hair and chest hair.

It appears to me that we are experiencing an awareness, an awakening about our bodies and the toxicity of our environment. If you want to really get rid of all the hair you are growing that doesn’t belong there, electrolysis is a must, but you also have to get healthy in order to stop new hair from growing.

I have found some very fascinating things on the subject of balancing the body and health. A healthy body will have a full head of hair, even for men and no facial hair to the excess.

Know Your Ingredients: It would be wise when you are considering taking anything you put into your body that you investigate exactly what is in it before taking it. Gone are the days when a patient blindly takes anything prescribed without doing research on EXACTLY what it is you are prescribed. In the current health care crisis well meaning physicians can’t possibly have enough hours in a day to have detailed knowledge of every drug on the market. Even when a doctor says they are an expert it is still wise to do your own investigations. For instance just like with any other drug, many Hormone Replacement Therapy prescription drugs are synthetic or come from sources which are known to be unsafe or ineffective.

We as patients and consumers need to investigate on our own. I have called my own pharmacy to ask exactly what was in a progesterone prescription which I was prescribed. I was shocked to learn that the pharmacist did not know. He had to email the manufacturer of the progesterone to ask. The details were not on the product information sheet. My doctor thought he knew what the ingredients were but once I called the pharmacist to confirm the ingredients of the script we all realized that the ingredients we not as pure and safe or effective we thought.

If we all did this and showed the industry that we want to know more about the things we are putting into our bodies, the result would be products that do a better job of treating our ills. If we just take anything prescribed for us blindly, why should the drug companies, who’s bottom line is profit, improve any drug?

Links: In my searches to learn more about the factors which can effect hair growth. I came across several informative sites which you may be interested in taking a look.

This is a link to a short SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND video which gets to the heart of many of our ills. It goes over the basics of what it is that is causing our illnesses and what it is that is causing the hair on our heads to get thinner and our hair on our face to get coarse. Adrenals and Thyroid by Dr. John Bergman. Here is the link to the video he mentions showing Iron Shavings in your Cereal.

Dr.Mercola has a very informative page here which explains why Progersterone and why not Estorgen.

Dr. Lita Lea. You Tube Interview Lita Lea. I learned a lot from her about enzymes and a pro-thyroid diet. A pro-thyroid diet is one everyone can benefit from. The thyroid effects every single body system. Here is a link to her web site, LitaLea.com. I highly recommend her e-book.

Lita studied with Dr. Ray Peat, RayPeat.com Much of this info is very technical but if you can plow through it, very informative. I found it much easier to listen to what he has to say and it is mind blowing. If you go to RayPeatForum.com there are audio’s and a video that could change the way you look at health. They are life changing.

I couldn’t resist reading this e-book titled Hair Like A Fox. At the time my frontal hair was thinning. I have successfully stopped this and my hair is now growing back. All of these links highlight the importance of diet, enzymes and hormones in BEing Healthy. All of the concepts are cutting edge and practically a 360 of what we have been “taught”.

Danny Roddy has written an article on the adrenals. It was sent to me from his e-mail list. I don’t think he would mind if I shared it with you. A Bioenergetic View. He does a great job simplifying some of the factors with contribute to our health and the health of our hair. If you would like to read more of his articles sign up for his e-mail list Danny Roddy. To help regrow healthy hair, Danny Roddy states in his E-book, Hair Like A Fox:
Eat a diet of:
1. Protein approximately 3 – 4 ounces per meal. (1.5 grams per Kilogram of body weight.
2. Eat more carbohydrates than protein and include in these carbohydrates, fruit, fruit juices honey, dairy and sometimes a well-cooked potato.
3. Refrain from Essential Fatty Acids. Yes you read right. No EFA’s 3s or 6s or any.
4. Use iron-free canning/pickling salt or raw unprocessed Sea Salt free of iron.
5. Be sure to get Vitamin D
6. Include in your diet, liver, oysters, eggs, and red light therapy.

This information is very individual and you must be informed for your own health and benefit. You must make the decision on what is right for you. For help understanding these articles and more information schedule a Consultation with Maryellen. I can help you make sense of it all.

Get Healthy AND Lose Facial Hair?!!!
This whole idea is so much more than just losing excess hair. It is about Learning the steps towards, BEing Healthy and Feeling and LOOKING HEALTHY, from the Inside Out. Consultation with Maryellen. I can help you make sense of it all.

This is a great read from Long Natural Health on Thyroid. LongNaturalHealth.com

I am currently studying with Dr. Berg.

Listen to Dr. Berg, on the Adrenal gland and how it can cause facial hair. If you are in a hurry Fast Forward to 3:58.