Equipment Testimonials

The Below Testimonials Are On Our Alpis Senior II Unit With Multi Plex:Sr-3-G



The equipment Maryellen and Audrey use really works better. I have very minimal regrowth, it is great. I really wasn’t expecting such great results for the first time. This is much better than the old outdated equipment my electrologist had in California. This is a major improvement in technology. Well, it could be everyone does not learn the proper way to use even the old equipment. I am completely satisfied.

Jeanette S.

San Antonio, Texas



This is WAY less painful than our other electrologist.

Lisa W. and her mom


May 23, 2009

“I did the blend method for 10 months with another Electrologist. There is a world of difference in the comfort level. This is totally painless. I can’t get over the difference.”

Gianna S.

San Antonio, Texas



Before I received electrolysis treatments from Maryellen and Audrey, many of my friends told me that electrolysis was very painful and uncomfortable. I was very concerned to start treatments with this belief, but I had to.

I had several laser treatments (permanent hair reduction) years ago but all the hair grew back with a vengeance. I knew there was no getting around it. If I wanted to get rid of this hair once and for all I had to go through with permanent hair removal electrolysis.

I finally decided to start treatments at Stone Oak Permanent Hair Removal. The treatments weren’t anywhere near as painful as my friends told me they experienced. I actually enjoyed having the treatments and even though there was some discomfort I found them to be very relaxing.

One day I asked Maryellen and Audrey to do a dual electrolysis experiment as they give at E3000. After much convincing Audrey, Maryellen, and I gave it a try.

I could handle having 2 Electrologists working on my face at one time but I was shocked at the differences between the 2 different brand machines they used.

They had been telling me that the machine that they regularly use was much more gentle and effective than any other brand machine on the market but I had no idea how much more comfortable it was.

Their second electrolysis unit which they used in this experiment in addition to the gentle unit they regularly use, is a different brand. Because of this, I could feel that the other brand machine was much more painful. It was like the difference between having a treatment with a little sizzle of heat and a treatment that is burning hot.

I will stick to the more comfortable unit that Maryellen and Audrey use all the time thank you! There really is a great difference in comfort level and effectiveness between different brand machines.

I am grateful Audrey and Maryellen use the more comfortable unit during my regular scheduled treatments! By the way I love going for my treatments. I have great fun with Audrey and Maryellen. They are truly very special people.

Lauryn F.

San Antonio, Texas