Audrey’s Blog on the ONLY Permanent Hair Removal


January 2017

Electrolysis 101: Making Hair Removal Your New Year’s Resolution


Do you spend several minutes or even hours every day removing unwanted hair on your body, only to see the hair come back just a day later? Like many people, you probably feel like you’re in a constant battle with your own body. Unwanted hair, often the result of hereditary or hormones, causes many people a great deal of stress, frustration and embarrassment. The good news is that you don’t have to live this way! Make 2017 the year to rid yourself of constant shaving, plucking and trimming by investing in electrolysis treatments.


As  the only form of permanent hair removal, laser is permanent hair reduction per the FDA.  This involves a safe and FDA-approved process in which a fine probe needle is inserted into each hair follicle, followed by removal of the hair with tweezers. This intricate procedure, which should only be performed by a certified electrologist, kills each hair follicle at its root so the hair cannot come back. Most areas of the body can be treated with electrolysis, including eyebrows, face, abdomen, thighs, breasts, and legs. While you may experience some slight pain during the treatments, there are generally no permanent side effects, just some temporary reddening or irritation of the skin after treatments.


For effective, long-term results, a series of several electrolysis treatments is needed to permanently eliminate hair growth. Treatments can range anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. The total number of electrolysis sessions depends on the amount of hair that needs removal, and varies from person to person based on a variety of factors, such as previous use of temporary hair removal methods, hereditary, hormone function, medical usage and stress levels. For optimum results, it usually takes between 12 and 18 months of regularly scheduled treatments to achieve absolute permanence.


Not only will the results of electrolysis make you look great, but you’ll feel more comfortable and confident without the constant daily anxiety caused by unwanted hair growth. Also, think about all the time you won’t waste at home removing hair yourself – time that you can spend with friends and family instead!


Are you ready to make 2017 the year you permanently remove all your unwanted hair? Schedule a free consultation with Audrey Marie Little, certified electrologist and owner of HairFree4MeWNY in Buffalo, NY, and start your permanent hair removal journey today!